Supernatural Fanfiction by inalasahl

Many Hands
(September 2010) 4,332
Written for the prompt "Hunter!Gabriel meets the abomination that would bring hell on earth."
Rated PG-13 References to violence, blood-licking, fade-to-black sex
Authors note: Written for the spn_gabriel_sam fic exchange.

Whatever Light May Shine
(August 2010) 10,212 words
It doesn't seem right that Dean's the one left standing.
Rated Explicit sex, some blood
Authors note: Written for the Dean/Castiel Mini-Bang.

Brothers or Whatever (Softer Pillow Mix) (May 2010) 4,949 words
Sam's always had a care for Dean's heart. "Swan Song" coda.
Rated NC-17 Explicit sex between brothers.
Author's Note: Remixed from God or Whatever by girlguidejones for Remix ... Redux VIII: Magic Eight Ball.

Unbetaed Short Pieces

Hymn to God, My God, in Earth's Sickness (April 2010) 1,111 words
One still has work to do, even when the world is dying. (Sam/Gabriel)
Rated R Appearance of non-con, mentions of violence, attempted rape.
Author's Note: Set amid season five. Written before "Hammer of the Gods."