Other Fanfiction by inalasahl


It Walks Like a Duck
(November 2010) 13,413 words
Jared hates bots, especially his sister's neighbor Jensen. But he'll have to accept Jensen's help, if he wants to get his sister back after she goes missing.
Rated NC-17 Movie violence, explicit sex.
Authors note: Written for the 2010 SPN Reverse Bang challenge.

Dancing with the Stars RPF

One More Time Around (December 2009) 1,721 words
Derek may be good at dancing, but he's bad at relationships.
Rated NC-17 Explicit sex.
Author's Note: Written for the Yuletide 2009 challenge.

Stargate: SG-1

Betwixt (November 2007) 1,388 words
Cameron, in the hospital.
Rated PG Suggestive themes.
Author's Note: I pinch-hitted this for the Cameron Mitchell ficathon. The request was for Cam on a bad day during his recovery from the events of "Lost City."

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Angel

El-Oh-Vee-Upsilamba (February 2006) 10,732 words
Lindsey McDonald finds himself back from the dead and on a road trip with Orlando Bloom.
Rated R Explicit sex, suggested violence.
Author's Note: This attempt at crack is a LOTRiPS crossover.

Once upon a Time (ca. January 1998) 4,957 words
An AU (alternative universe) explanation of how Drusilla and Angel met.
Rated R Contains vampiric violence and a child hanging out with vamps.
Author's Note: This was not originally written as an AU fic. This story was started prior to the airing of "Becoming" and its flashbacks, and was my version of what exactly Drusilla had been talking about in "Lie to Me."

More Than Friends (ca. November 1997) 6,095 words
Xander sees Willow in a new light when his cousin Drew starts dating her.
Rated PG No vamps, violence or sex, just some kissing.
Author's Note: This is a very schmoopy Willow/Xander fic. Written amidst second season, it sadly is now AU.