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I'm primarily a Firefly writer, though there are a few stories in other fandoms available. I have also recently started writing Supernatural. You will find het, slash, femslash and gen on this site.

I'm currently working on a site redesign, slowly changing each page as I have time.

Please ask before transforming my stories that have the word "mix" in the title. All other stories are offered freely to further transformation, such as podfic, remixes, commentaries or vids. I would appreciate it if you dropped me a link, though. I can be contacted by e-mail at inalasahl at yahoo dot com. Do not re-archive my works.


November 22
Added new CW RPF story to Other stories section.
November 13
Added two new Supernatural stories.
June 6
Added new Supernatural story.
April 18
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January 27
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November 12
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September 2
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February 14
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November 19
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September 12
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June 24
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March 13
Added Angel/LOTRiPS crossover to the other fanfiction section.
March 6
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November 8
Added first Horatio Hornblower fic!
November 3
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Added new Firefly fic.
June 19
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March 27
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March 25
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December 4
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August 22
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July 12
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May 29
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April 20
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